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Naruto Porno Story: Seven Plain Sparks

Naruto Porno Story: Seven Plain Sparks



I. Neji/Hinata: Reluctant, For Acerbitas.

Curiously enough, it was the fingers tracing her still unmarked forehead that were, for once, trembling and her own around his wrist that were steady. His voice, when he spoke, was no smoother.


“You don’t,” he said, and his voice was more ghostly than hers had ever been, “need to do this. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself this way. I can still talk to your father– I can even still talk to that bitch sister of yours– and convince them that… convince them to…”


And he faltered, as she knew he inevitably would. Because there was nothing else to argue, because there was nothing better to do, because she knew that this was necessary just as well as she knew that she had yet in her courage enough to meet her fate.

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